I Never Said It Would Be Easy

I Only Said It Would Be Worth It

About My Fantastic Self

I’m a 30 year old female living in Austin, Texas. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I own two amazing Dachshunds both from rescue. I am a huge supporter of animal rescues. I support the idea of not shopping but adopting animals. Some of my favorite hobbies are: music, reading, writing, learning, cooking, crafting, photography, and gaming. Yes, I am a girl gamer.

I love to spend time with family, friends, and my pups. I’m constantly trying to improve myself and thinking of ways to do so. I have issues with anxiety and self esteem but I try to not let those hold me back as much as possible. I can be painfully shy until I get to know you. Then I can be crazy.

I have strong political and moral views. And I 90% of the time chose not to talk about those things with people I am not close to. I don’t think I need to waste my time with anyone that’s seeking out to change my beliefs. I learn and grow all the time with what I stand for. There is nothing wrong with being strong about your convictions. I will personally chose to talk about these things at the proper moments and through a personal level.

I don’t believe in using hate, bullying, or disgusting behavior when trying to convince people to think a certain way. I don’t support organizations that do this. I prefer not to associate with people that do this. It’s negative, not effective, mean, demoralizing, and not uplifting. You can get your point and convictions out to the masses in a positive way. You’re given the choice to be negative or positive, chose the one that will better yourself and society as a whole.

So, with all of that being said, I’m here to share my journey with weight loss and fitness. I’m here to share my life and my hobbies. I am also here to connect with others along those lines. To inspire or be inspired.



My Twitter: https://twitter.com/2getherPBandJ

My Pinterest Page: http://pinterest.com/mrsjenniferlamb/boards/

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